Four Strong Winds: Song of the Week

The song of the week is an idea that hit me this week after hearing the mentioned song while sitting in a cafe earlier this week doing some work. Just a quick hit on random songs I run across that others might like and want to hear….no muss, no fuss, just the facts ma’m.

Four Strong Winds, written by Ian Tyson, recorded by Neil Young for Harvest album 1972.

Classic relationship gone bad song written by Canadian Ian Tyson in the early 60s. Recorded over the years by artists as far-ranging as Bobby Bare, The Kingston Trio, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Triny Lopez and hank Snow. In the same vein of Dylan’s It Ain’t Me Babe or Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right but without the sarcasm and irony, Tyson writes of  a love that has turned cold and the singer laments, “If the good times are gone, then I’m bound for moving on. Four strong winds that blow lonely, seven seas that run high.”

Recorded and sung by Neil Young in 1972, Young’s voice plays well with the lyrics and soaring pedal steel to carry the winds and high seas. I’ve listened to it about ten times since the initial exposure and can’t get enough. With apologies to Pink, Neil Young cries out to his lost lover to “blow him, one last kiss.” Listen for yourself and enjoy. Also below is a live version taken from the Heart of Gold documentary with accompaniment from Emmy Lou Harris and a stage full of guitars.



2 thoughts on “Four Strong Winds: Song of the Week

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