9 Things To Like Right Now

By Ryan Hilligoss January 5, 2020

In honor of Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich who is a treasure to read on a  weekly basis and recently wrote this: “Almost everyday for the past year I’ve woken up with the same started thought: I’m alive. Sometimes I lie there ad say it aloud, though not on purpose. The words just pop out, as uninvited as a snore. I’m alive. I open my eyes and look at the room. It’s here. I’m here. Again. Huh. Interesting.”

Also inspired by my friend Dave who claims I can’t write anything less than 10,000 words and grows weary of my long windedness 🙂

  1. Plenty of good books to read on a cold winter day.

2. John Hodgman’s Medallion Status. Just finished this gem of a book, a second set of essays and pieces of heartfelt comedy and insight into life. He gives us a peek behind the curtain of celebrity and it’s trappings and explains why not being a celebrity is ok.

3. A new album and tour from The Boss Man and The E Street Band. Springsteen and the band have been recording in Colts Neck, NJ the last few months and an announcement seems imminent on new tour dates. Thank god, this news can’t come at a better time.

4. Family and friends….you can’t kill them and you can’t live without them

5. The walls between Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp came tumbling down recently as they joined each other on Pink Houses and Glory Days at Sting’s Rainforest Benefit. This made me pee a little and made a dream of mine real. Back in 2009, At the Obama concert, Bruce told Mellencamp band guitarist extraordinaire Andy York that Pink Houses was a great song and still stands up after all these years. I guess he’s been itching to play it since then. Maybe we’ll get a repeat of Bruce plays Indy this year.

6. My son and daughter and ex wife. Graham Ronald and Aurora Eva Rose bring me joy everyday and they are the best things I’ll ever accomplish in my life. Also thankful for my ex wife Kimberly. After a few years of a rocky experience, we’ve both come to the realization that it’s all about the kids well being and not our battles won or lost. Co-parenting, being single and trying to keep a life together can be exhausting often, but if you work together, it lightens the load a little.

7. Good advice from friends and heroes

8. Old pictures. With everything being digital and on line now, there’s something missing in the tangible act of holding and looking at physical pictures in your hands. Flipping through the family photo album can never be replaced by looking at a screen. Plus every once in a while you find a gift hiding in a folder or drawer.

9. Art and culture. Whether through books, movies, television, theater or whatever medium floats your boat, experiencing arts are the only way to shake the dust off of daily existence. Find some time everyday to either experience it or even better, do some yourself whether writing, painting, singing or playing spoons. Just do it.

10. Ok I know I said nine but for an added holiday bonus: practical Christmas gifts. Coffee: the power of my soul. Thanks Michelle!!

Thanks for reading. Take care of yourselves and help take care of each other when you can. Peace and love.

PS…look Dave…579 words…it’s amazing!!!!